What makes Maluma so different?

The Maluma is a dark skinned cultivar with immaculate appearance and astonishing taste. Its texture is smooth and ideal for any recipe. With a whole-hearted nutty taste it’s a taste bud explosion. Some of the Maluma’s key characteristics are: small seeds with more flesh, purple-black thick skin, smooth and light fibre.

For a real feel… have a bite of Maluma without salt, take a deep breath and let your taste buds take over. A true sensory explosion!

Have a little pink in you?

Maluma has another unique characteristic… Avocados contain anthocyanin that is an antioxidant. Maluma is unique in that it ever so often displays its anthocyanin fingerprint through a little pink blush in the fruit flesh. Find it and count yourself lucky, it’s truly unique. If you do find your pink Maluma, share your photos on Instagram or Twitter with #maluma_pink.

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The Maluma story...

In the 90’s a farmer from Levubu in Limpopo, South Africa found a dark-skinned avocado variety in one of his orchards that produced tremendous yields year on year. As a production-driven farmer the late Mr Dries Joubert, also a nurseryman then, propagated a few trees for himself and exported these fruit as Hass fruit, a well-known avocado cultivar.

During a visit to Joubert’s farm another farmer, Mr Kosie Eloff from Soekmekaar (now Morebeng), noticed this unique tree and, with the permission of Joubert, contacted Dr André Ernst from Allesbeste Nursery and requested him to propagate clonal avocado trees for him with this Hass-type (dark skinned) avocado variety. Dr Ernst agreed to this and was intrigued by this unique plant as Ernst was at that stage already in the process of cultivar research and development. Ernst contacted Joubert for the opportunity to further investigate this avocado variety. Joubert agreed.

Mr Eloff planted his first trees during 1998 and decided to call it “Dries Hass” in honour of Mr Dries Joubert, the founder. Soon after, Dr Ernst also propagated plants for himself and planted his first orchard during 1999 and with the permission of Mr Joubert called it Maluma, the name of Mr Joubert’s farm.

Maluma was closely evaluated and a great amount of time and effort was dedicated to this variety, and its potential just remained evident. More role players became interested and among the first was tomato giant ZZ2, whom by that time was already growing in stature as an avocado producer. Maluma soon distinguished itself from other avocado cultivars based on its production potential and taste.

Maluma was registered as full avocado cultivar in 2004…

Establishing a new cultivar in the market is not an easy task, but through the passion and dedication of a small group of visionary people that recognized its value to the consumer Maluma became a success story.

Today… Roughly 180 hectares of Maluma is planted throughout the different production regions of South Africa, with its largest production being among the hills and valleys of both Tzaneen and Mooketsi. A cultivar well suited for the modern, environmentally oriented farming environment and appealing to the discerning consumer, a true South African heritage, born and bred in South Africa.


Although this day was initially held solely as an information session to farmers, it has developed into a cross-platform information and networking symposium.

The main aim is to stimulate thought into what the modern agriculture environment brings about and, what farmers and other intermediaries can do to improve on the final product delivered to the consumer.

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Where can I find Malumas?

Maluma avo trademark

Retail of Maluma avos

Maluma is currently available in Food Lover’s Markets in Gauteng and Western Cape. The distinct logo serves as a quality mark, and any Maluma fruit that is labeled as Maluma without the Trademark, is not necessarily Maluma that was supplied through credible and responsible Maluma sources. To ensure you get only the best quality always buy accredited Maluma.

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Excellent, rich, tasty, delicious

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The Allesbeste Nursery actively research the Maluma cultivar and have released the Maluma as a promising, newly developed cultivar. Allesbeste Nursery grows and sells Maluma trees, as well as boxes of Maluma fruits.

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